„The crisis is inherent to the system! – Without us the world stands still! “

The 8th of march is the international day of women’s Struggle. For decades, we – women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans persons with and without disabilities – have taken to the streets on this day all over the world to make visible our experiences and the societal grievances we face every day. With sufficient distance and face masks, we want to take over the public space again this year and strike our unpaid work.

What makes us angry?

… that the daily violence and attempted killings of FLINT persons with and without disabilities are trivialised and feminicides are dismissed as alleged „relationship crimes“. … that we are constantly confronted with sexist homophobic or transphobic comments and stereotypical gender perceptions in everyday life, in advertising and the media or in our jobs … that our labour is belittled, paid less and made invisible. … that cis men earn on average 20% more in the same positions. … that emotional, caring and reproductive labour is so unequally distributed and hardly valued, even though it is fundamental for our social coexistence

In the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, these injustices and existing grievances became particularly visible and further aggravated: Curfews and lock-down come with many insecurities, existential fears, dangers as well as double burdens that affect FLINT persons with and without disabilities in a heightened manner: We are the ones who mostly work in the so-called „systemic-relevant“ professions, take on the unpaid care and educational labour at home in addition to our own wage labour, provide emotional support to others and are exposed to domestic violence much more frequently.

What do we want?

We want a free life in a society where everyone is equal. We stand in solidarity with all exploited and oppressed people worldwide and stand up for a society in which everyone can move freely and live in safety and dignity. We do not want equal participation in a system based on competition, devaluation, discrimination and exploitation of people and the environment. Therefore, we fight for a fundamental social change and an anti-capitalist and anti-racist feminism.

We demand:

– The same wage as men in the same position – Free childcare throughout the country and care for those in need of care, as well as general reduction of working hours to 30 hours per week at the same wage, so that care work can be shared equally among all people in the household. – A solidarity-based response to the Corona crisis: The privatisation of the health sector must be reversed. Reproductive activities such as care and education must be withdrawn from the logic of profit and growth, financially upgraded and staffed better. – Our right to sexual and reproductive self-determination: decriminalise abortions! Abolish §218 and §219a StGB and anchor sexual identity in §3 of the Basic Law! – End the menstruation-taboo! Free menstrual hygiene products for all! – Full implementation of the Istanbul Convention as well as sufficient shelter spaces for people threatened and affected by violence. – A secure residential status as well as a right of residence independent of their spouse for refugees and the immediate evacuation of all camps for refugees like those on Lesbos or in Bosnia! We demand disarmament instead of armament!

You can be part of it!

Let’s get active and organised! Let’s talk to our colleagues, friends, daughters, grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters! We can all join together to lay down our unpaid labour and go on strike. Let our labour become visible and our demands be heard in public and enforced! Every day is a day of feminist struggle!