Feminist Fight Day

Overburdened, unseen, un(der)paid. We fight! Together against patriarchy and capitalism!

We are women, lesbians, inter-/nonbinary, trans- and agender people (WLINTA*) with and without disabilities. Our paid and unpaid work kept society afloat during the pandemic, but under awful conditions. In 2022 women* still earn almost 20 percent less than men while simultaneously doing more unpaid work in the household. Violence against us has been increasing for years, sexism is commonplace in our daily life, and paragraphs 218 and 19a still criminalise abortions. This cannot continue! Women* everywhere are fighting for a better world. On the 8th of May, those of us in Germany are standing in solidarity with the employees in social and educational services.

Overburdened, unseen, un(der)paid

No matter if kindergarten, hospital, or retirement home: nursing and care staff consists up to 90% of women*. We lack the staff, material, suitable spaces, and time to properly care for the people in our charge. We are reaching our physical and mental limits. Additionally, we take on childcare, laundry, or the care of relatives. We do so unpaid and yet our effort remains neither seen nor recognized. It’s enough! We demand recognition, appropriate pay, and better conditions for both paid and unpaid care work.

Fighting feminist!

On this year’s feminist fight day, we stand in solidarity with the employees in childcare services, disabled assistance, and other social institutions. We want to lay down the unpaid household and care work we perform on a daily basis and fight together with the employees in social and educational services for better working conditions. We are fighting for a solidary society in which not exploitation and profit are at the forefront, but rather the Good Life for all, as well as mutual care and appreciation.

Together against patriarchy and capitalism

In our profit-oriented society, care work – no matter if invisible at home or underpaid in the workplace – only serves to prepare people for the labor market and to ensure survival for those who are unable to pursue paid work. The focus isn’t the wellbeing of the people, but rather the increase of profits. We all suffer under this, especially those employees that are being systematically exploited. These conditions are systematic, as patriarchal structures are reproduced and amplified through capitalist structures! On the 8th of May, we raise our voices for the people who do not have access to health and educational services, clean drinking water, and hygiene products, those who particularly suffer the effects of the climate crisis and whose fight and lost loved ones remain unrecognized. Globally, it is mainly women* who suffer through these problems, and it is also them who take up the fight against those problems. This is why we stand in solidarity with the anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, and anti-colonialist fights of our sisters and friends in the global south and other regions of the world! Decided proof for the possibility of life beyond the capitalist patriarchy is the women’s revolution in Rojava, which is based on gender liberations, ecology, and basic democracy. The attacks against this revolution by the Erdogan regime and their jihadistic allies are directed against the achievements of women* all around the world in the fight against fascism, patriarchy, capitalism, (neo-)colonialism, and other forms of oppression. The women’s revolution in Rojava is colorful, feminist, and international. Let us make sure that it will not be destroyed! We know that the fight for our liberation is up to us. Let us organize ourselves, to stand against capitalist individualism and demonstrate our numbers! Let us fight against structural discrimination, sexism, racism, patriarchal violence, and the systematic exploitation of humanity and nature. For a self-determined and safe life in a solidary and just society.

We demand and fight for

o the end of oppression and exploitation of women*;

o a society free of homo- and transphobia, heteronormativity, as well as individual and structural racism;

o the end of every kind of structural, physical, sexual, verbal, and psychological violence, harassment, and assault to the point of death;

o acknowledgement, sufficient pay, and better conditions for paid and unpaid care work;

o closing of the gender pay gap and equal pay for all! Equal pay for equal work! o bodily autonomy and decriminalization of abortions: abolition of §218 and §219a;

o revaluation and appreciation for house and care work by means of a consequent change in care services, i.e. through appropriate pay and more staff;

o social rights, right of residence independently of relationship status, and citizenship for all.

Join our fight on the 8th of May, against capitalist and patriarchal violence and for a Good Life for all!