25 November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

95 women were killed in Germany this year. At least 13 women experience violence in their partnership every hour. Last year there were 204 crimes against trans people.

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, because the number of unreported cases is estimated to be much higher.

Patriarchal violence is no exception, it is the order of the day no matter where we are. We face different challenges and forms of violence as women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people, but the systemic basis remains the same. Therefore it is important to fight together in solidarity.

Especially in times of war and crisis, we are exposed to increasing attacks on our choices, selfdetermination and rights worldwide. From Ukraine to Ethiopia, Kurdistan to Mexico, violence against women continues to be used as a weapon of war. Women are also especially suffering from the crisis that is affecting all of us in Germany. Prices are rising, the atmosphere at home is tense and on top women are expected to do the unpaid housework. While there are 100 billion for weapons, there is no money for urgently needed places in women’s shelters.

With all the injustice, the question arises: why aren’t women not sufficiently protected and perpetrators not punished? Why haven’t the serious deficits in protecting women from violence in Germany, which even the Council of Europe strongly criticized, not yet been eliminated? Let us remind you that women’s rights were never served on a silver platter, but were fought for on the streets. We pick up the voice of everyone we lost in battle and only get louder!

The ruling capitalism, which is closely intertwined with patriarchy, cannot hide its violent nature and contradictions, despite the pinkwash and democratic-feminist facade. The German foreign minister, who promised „feminist foreign policy“ but shakes hands with the leaders of Turkey or Saudi Arabia, shows the mendacity of bourgeois politics towards women.

The current level of violence is unbearable, whether in Germany or internationally. We look at the increasing women’s uprisings that are challenging the prevailing conditions full of hope. We draw hope from the courage of women in Iran, the organization of women in Kurdistan and the militancy of women in Mexico and aim to strengthen international solidarity!

Every year on November 25th, FLINTA (German Akronym for Women, Lesbians, Inter- Nonbinarytrans- and gender people) take to the streets worldwide to protest against patriarchal violence. We call on all women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people in Hamburg, to protest with us against all the patriarchal, capitalist and imperialist states on November 25th at 6:00 p.m. at the Dammtor station.

JIN, JÎYAN, AZADÎ! (Women, Life, Freedom)

We demand:

– at least 200 more places in women’s shelters!

– The implementation of the Istanbul Convention!

– the right to a free and legal abortion

– delete paragraph 218 of the German Criminal Code!

– Equal wages for all, affordable housing and secure jobs that enable independent living

– Adjustment of wages and social benefits such as child benefit to the increased prices. Immediate price freezes on groceries, rent, gas and energy at the expense of the companies! – Fight any kind of homophobia and transphobia in society!

– an independent census for (attempted) femicide and anti-queer violence!

– Solidarity with women worldwide! Fighting the causes of flight as well as spouse-independent asylum and residence rights for all women and families who have to flee violence!

– Expansion of prevention work, educational offers and advice centers on patriarchal violence